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What is Slicky?

Though Slicky's intuitive drag-and-drop website creation tools, you are able to quickly, easily, and cheaply get your business off the ground with a great professional looking website, while still having the custom functionality you need to stand apart from the competition, no code needed!

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Slicky's custom themes and options for personalized blocks and plugins mean that your company will be able to get a unique designs on the market more quickly and for less money than with any other option. We reuse the parts that are the same in every website, like a contact page or a navigation bar, which lets us create and implement your custom code for the rest.

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Highlighted Features

Easy drag and drop builder
With Slicky, you can create your website easily. Our tools enable you to customize your website to look and behave however you want.
Marketing Automation
With Slicky you can integrate your website with diffrent platforms and create your marketing campaign in minutes directly from Slicky.
Powerful Analytical Tools
Slicky's analytics features let you see the data on how many views your website is getting, your revenue, how users interact with your site, and more.

Check out Slicky's Features: Under the Hood

Based on 3-Tier Architecture

This design pattern allows us to develop MVP solutions for any type of platform: Whether you need a Web Based Solution or a Mobile App, we can build your API since they both use REST APIs

Secure Access

We understand that your web application may need to be kept secret until it is ready for release. But we also understand that along the way, you will need to provide temporary access to others.
And this is why our secure portal allows you to restrict access to your MVP using:

  • - IP restrictions
  • - Authentication by SMS
  • - Standard Authentication using username & Password


Slicky wouldn't be what it is without its Plugins...
Plugins is what make each web application unique. With over 30 plugins already included, you can have a functional website in no time! Plugins & Modules allows you to create Login, Registration, Users, Shipping,e-Commerce, email, Email template, CRM, Hotel Reservation Pages without any efforts.
Also, those pages are all fully customizable: Not only you can add fields or change the look and feel but you can also also load it with data from any other source using JSON or REST Calls.


We are here to help you!!! We are available Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm EST to help you build your web application.
Because you are either overwhelmed and need some training, or you do not have the time and rather us set it up for you, you will be up and running in no time.
Don't waste time on development! Focus your time where it matters...

Slicky Packages are Flexible & Fair

Basic: Just $19/Mo, and $0 Down! Use it as you see fit! Cancel Any time for any reason.

Start Up: Just $49/Mo, and $0 Down! Start Selling! Payment Gateway is included.

Professional: $99/Mo, and $999 Down! We will also design your website for free! Includes 8 hours of monthly support by phone.

Enterprise: Need a custom web application? No problems, we will still use as many plugins as possible to reduce cost of development


$ 0 DOWN
$ 19 /MO
Basic Plan
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Includes Basic Marketing
  • Includes Basic SEO Integration
  • 3 Themes
  • 100 monthly Emails
  • Free Cloud Hosting
  • 1 Hour Phone Support
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Only $699 Per Plugin
$ 0 DOWN
$ 49 /MO
Build your own MVP
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Includes Basic Marketing
  • Includes Basic SEO Integration
  • Includes e-Commerce Plugin
  • 300 Monthly Emails
  • Free Cloud Hosting
  • 3 Hours Phone Support
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Only $699 Per Plugin
$ 999 DOWN
$ 99 /MO
Build your own Custom MVP with our help
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Includes Marketing Tools
  • Includes SEO Integration Tools
  • Includes Advanced Plugins
  • 1000 Monthly Emails
  • Free Cloud Hosting
  • 8 Hours Phone Support
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Only $499 Per Plugin

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