MVP approach

3Genii is specialized in the development of Minimum Viable Products for startups and mature companies alike.
MVPs allow you to:

  • Inexpensively get a working product
  • Test your ideas and make corrections
  • Showcase your business potential
  • Prove the viability of your product

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Get it tested, quickly

In business, it is all about speed. To know if an idea works or not, the best option is to get it out there in the hands of the end-user.
Why spend thousands of dollars and two years in development without having tested the idea first?
This is why we believe in an Agile methodology: build fast, measure value, learn from it and REPEAT!

Let us review your project requirements and provide you with a minimum solution that will cost you less and get you on the market faster.

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A successfull product is never the result of luck.

Successful products are almost never created right the first time. They go through a phase of trial and error. And this is why the "Learning" step allows you to take the result of the measurement phase and see what worked and what didn't.
It allows you to fine-tune your idea and build a better product on the next iteration. It is the life cycle of success.

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Why Choose Us??

We’re Your Partner in Your Success

  • We use our own technology
  • We are not only a tech company; we understand business
  • We are small and agile
  • We move fast
  • We are results-driven and oriented toward success. We deliver results

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